About us

Fashion Point Tailors

Since we established our custom tailor shop in Thailand in the 2000s, we have been providing our service to the market near and far. That allowed Fashion Point to make a name for ourselves, thereby becoming one of the best tailors in Thailand and we can proudly say today that we have tailored Thousands of clothes to people from all over the world. All our customers look to us for the high standards of design, construction and fit and never have they been let down. Our authentic craftsmanship begins with a meticulous fitting by our in house specialist who stand ready to advice on the most flattering styles and details to enhance your unique look your own!

Fashion Point tailoring process includes precise hand cut work by our expertly trained tailors, producing each garment with the highest quality and attention to detail. In addition to that, we use only the finest interfacing, linings, and trimmings in order to assure superior construction and durability in every garment we craft for our customers. In fact, your custom tailored garment comes with a guarantee of your complete satisfaction too. There’s practically no limit to what we can include in your custom tailored garment in order to make it stand out, and give it the feel of uniqueness, as every garment is made to one fit only, and that is yours! Visit Fashion Point – One of the Best Bespoke Tailor in Thailand.